The kiss and the kiss

kiss-and-kiss-klimt_insta Kopie.jpg
kiss-and-kiss-klimt_insta Kopie.jpg

The kiss and the kiss


Acrylic and interference paint on canvas



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Andrian Mechernich - Digital Realism

Digital media as the new topos of art

Digital media have the potential to transform our society in a sustainable manner. Not only the communication, the perception of people about the world as a whole is transformed.

The rapidly growing digitisation and resulting ubiquity of social media and their interaction on the people is a central topic in the art of Andrian Mechernich.

The Smartphone and related apps play a primary role as symbols in Andrian Mechernich's art: iMessage, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Skype as media of communication, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest as stages for a new generation, emoticons as masks of a virtualised society, (like) buttons, search bars as symbols and fingerprints as identities in a globalised world.