the exhibition

We are proud to exhibit our exciting artworks this year again at the art Karlsruhe.

The main focus of our booth will be the one artist show of the exceptional photographies of Uwe Langmann.

Next to our collection of distinguished artists like Sebastian Wandl and Peintre X we are proud to exclusively present an array of new intriguing contemporary artists such as Tabby, Sarah Jil Niklas, Mathias Pürthner and the San Francisco based artist Chuck Sperry.

"For the past 15 years, art KARLSRUHE has been synonymous with the unique pleasure that only fine art can provide. The artworks on display here embody over 120 years of artistic creativity: from Classic Modern art to the latest works of Contemporary art, 215 nationally and internationally renowned galleries from 15 countries spark enthusiasm among collectors, art lovers and connoisseurs with their high-qualityselection of paintings, sculptures, photographs and graphics.

Another essential feature of art KARLSRUHE is this fair’s skilful interplay among gallery booths, spacious sculpture areas, and stimulating special exhibitions." - art Karlsruhe

Find us at the booth H1/S04


List of artists

one artist show: Uwe Langmann>

Sebastian Wandl>

Mathias Pürthner>

Peintre X>


Sarah Jil Niklas>

Chuck Sperry>

Koko Kupfer>


About Uwe Langmann

Originating from the Allgäu region of Bavaria Uwe Langmann is living and creating at the moment in Berlin.

His focus in his photos is to picture structures that emerge from everyday objects and express them aesthetically in his pictures. It appeals to him above all simple motifs and abstract compositions, which he arranges to extraordinary pictures.

He derives his inspiration greatly from modern architecture and the natural beauty of landscapes.


Uwe Langmann


About Sebastian Wandl

After extensively travelling the world, and subsequent studies at the Freie Kunstwerkstatt in Munich, Sebastian Wandl realized his dream of becoming a freelance artist in 2011. The faces he captures in his portraits bear witness to the sensibility and subtlety of the artist - as is his graphic and painterly style, influenced by the style of urban art and his studies as an illustrator. In his works, a sculptural claim and surrealistic features create a unique form of language, which puts the motif into tension, yet radiates calm and artistic precision.


Sebastian Wandl



Mathias Pürthner created fine arts ever since his studies at the university as an architect.

Likewise, his artworks are heavily influenced by his profound understanding and feeling of form. Among the arts his focus is strongly on digital graphical art and elaborate sculptures which are closely related to 3D space art and form fascinating shapes with intriguing and deep forms that invite to reflect on oneself.


Mathias Pürthner


About Peintre X

"Peintre X has many ideals. In the genre of art, he loves Beckmann, appreciates Damien Hirst and probably even the constructivists, he cites Marina Abramovic and uses them all in order to stand out from them himself. […]
His portraits are deliberately striking, interplays of light and shadow on colourfully, additively added layered surfaces. He works with hard contours, leaving no doubt of his authenticity, and conveys significant meaning by way of graphic abbreviations, accentuating the expressive eyes – doubly stressed as a super symbol – the carnivorous red lips, and the sketchily drawn high forehead. […]
Rich in references, rich in characterizations, close to one's self and even to our everyday experiences, at the heart of the personal in general, Peintre X offers much upon which to reflect. He examines the direct encounter, seeks reflection and, above all, to inspire self-reflection. It's no wonder that, in addition to showing in a gallery space, he's also on the street, accessible to everyone, in an independent and above all absolutely credible form of art engagee." 

Prof. Dr. Helge Bathelt


Peintre X

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 16.07.41.png

About Tabby

TABBY is an Austrian street artist who loves to love and hates to hate.

"Life gets boring, everything becomes routine, nothing ever suddenly changes for the better. But if theres suddenly something new on a wall youve walked by for years, then it might just brighten up your day.

Images are created, spray paint and stencils are the tools used to make them. More and more youll find some experimenting with anything I get my hands on.


Every image has a meaning behind it, what it is is up to you. Maybe you will discover a better meaning than what was originally intended, I wont stand in the way of that.

The goal isnt to destroy but to add something interesting, unusual or thought provoking in an unexpected location. Its something you might be happy to find on a random walk one day and that wasnt there the day before."

- Tabby about why he does what he does

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 16.06.45.png



About Chuck Sperry

Chuck Sperry lives in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco, where he’s made his particular style of rock poster designs for over 20 years. He operates Hangar 18, a silkscreen print studio, located in Oakland.

Sperry works in San Francisco, but exhibits internationally from Athens to Argentina, Bristol to Belgrade (visited Belgrade at the invitation of The Cultural Minster of Serbia). By conducting workshops and lectures all over the planet, Sperry’s tutelage has inspired a new generation of rock poster and silkscreen artists worldwide.

“Chuck has propelled the American rock poster genre to a new level of fine art status with his print work.” – Juxtapoz

His artwork has been exhibited at leading art institutions including the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, and Fort Wayne Museum of Art; his prints have been archived in the collections of the Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts, The Oakland Museum of California, The Fort Wayne Museum of Art, San Francisco Public Library (Main Branch), the United States Library of Congress, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 17.10.08.png

Chuck SPerry


About Koko Kupfer

Koko Kupfer is a self-taught artist who is specialized in painting with a great variety of materials and styles.

The focus of her artworks at the artROOM is mainly on very fine and sensitive drawings of animals which complete her repertoire of classic portraiture.

With her fascinating fine drawing she is giving expression to every soul and creates a faithful identity of the portrayed being.

Born and grown up in Karlsruhe, Germany, she lived and worked in Stuttgart,

Hamburg, London and Brigthon. Since 2010 her center of life is Baden-Baden.


KOKO Kupfer