welcome to the artROOM!


artROOM Konstanz - room for art, was founded in 2012 with the goal of providing a platform for a multiple range of contemporary artists. We believe that in doing so we can enable both art lovers and artists to find and connect each other. This dialogue, above all, is what we seek to attain. It is this mutual interference and recognition between the art and the viewer that we want to support. Art, no matter what kind, has got to be made visible to fulfill its purpose.

Art is beautiful, but it creates a lot of work
— "Kunst ist schön, macht aber viel Arbeit" - Karl Valentin

what’s the purpose of an art gallery?

Why art? Why us? What is it that we need art and especially galleries for? For us, fine art is not only a product of luxury or something nice to look at – it is a way of experiencing someone else's feelings, a carefully reproduced expression or perfectly caught impression and most importantly a means to fulfill the human's demand for beauty. We, as a gallery, want to serve as a medium between art lover and art creator.

“Art is beautiful but it creates a lot of work” – a quote by German author Karl Valentin that we think really is true. This is where we, as a gallery and art consultant come in. Let us do the work for this is what we do best, while you can enjoy all the beautiful aspects of fine art (and believe us, there are numerous).


a place for urban & contemporary art

The artROOM focuses in showing art works of Street- and Urban Art of artists like kunstrasen, Sebastian Wandl or Peintre X, but doesn’t hesitate to also exhibit new forms of art such as Neon-Art installations by Cherry Goldenberg or the art form of mixed-media which is used as a form of expression by artists like the intriguing photographer Uwe Langmann.

New additions to the portfolio are the art works by the illustration artist Carla Manco and the ethno-pop painter Eva Bur am Orde as well as the pop artist Simone Albert and newcomer Annika Horn, who is experimenting with all kinds of portraits.