About Claus Peter Krögler

Claus Peter Krögler was born in 1952 an raised in Memmingen, Germany. After his study of social education, he began to work in Youth Welfare. He led numerous pedagogical art projects and had many solo and group exhibitions. Since 2012 he is a member of the Professional Association for Artists (“BBK – Berufsverband Bildender Künstler”) and since 2015 he has worked fulltime as a freelance artist.

Instead of a Credo

EN – “Without the tension between the original idea and its correction through direct work and tactile experience that has been experienced again and again, I do not want to imagine plastic design.” C.P. Krögler

DE – „Ohne die immer wieder durchlebte Spannung zwischen ursprünglicher Idee und ihrer Korrektur durch direkte Arbeit und taktile Erfahrung, möchte ich mir plastisches Gestalten nicht vorstellen.“
C.P. Krögler


About the stucco sculptures

They are not cast moulds but "assembled" custom-made objects with a steel skeleton. I use alabaster stucco, which is applied with bone glue and the appropriate pigment. The resulting stucco is similar to the "classical" church stucco, is thoroughly coloured and achieves an extremely high, "young" marble-like strength that increases over years. The light fastness is extremely high.

In the course of time, he has replaced studies preceding the realisation with sketches by developing wax models which, due to their three-dimensionality, give me a feeling for the spatial "functioning" of ideas right from the start.

Although robust and water-repellent, the stucco sculptures Claus P.eter Krögler created so far are intended for interiors. Meanwhile it is possible for him to design surfaces that are suitable for outdoor use and UV-resistant.



Some artworks of Claus Peter Krögler will be exhibited at selected art fairs.